Contractors – You are OUR Partners!

By Sarah Santho, Operations Coordinator

At Grand HVAC Leasing (GHL) our contractors are more than just a name, you are OUR partners! We recently touched base in an earlier blog post about the benefits of becoming a Contracted Partner at GHL, but what happens next? As you might already know, GHL is an industry leader that delivers all-inclusive lease and service bundles to residential and commercial customers across North America. Let us remind you what some of those benefits of becoming a partner look like.


Well, that looks nice, right? SURE DOES! But wait, it doesn’t end there.

At GHL we take the time to onboard the best contractors by building meaningful relationships. We are a relationship-based company and pride ourselves on creating strong bonds with each one of you. This means that you as a contractor will get time to meet and train with corresponding departments throughout GHL. We want to make sure you are ready to hit the ground running, offering your lifelong customers the benefits of hassle-free leasing and service bundles.


Our Operations Coordinators are here for you! How often can you really say you hear this? During your partnership at GHL, one of your main contacts will be your designated Operations Coordinator. You will meet with this individual after you are accepted into our program, and will instantly start building your own relationship.


At Grand HVAC Leasing, the Operations Coordinator can help support you in many different areas to help make our GHL process even simpler and hassle-free. Here are some of the key things we can offer you:

  • PROCESS: We have created documents JUST for you while out in the field. We will remind you the steps that are needed for all Service, Installs, or Replacements down to the tiny details of everything that is needed to submit invoices to be paid on-time.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: We collect valuable feedback from our customers so we can celebrate the wins and focus on any areas of improvement while working together.
  • WARRANTY: Have questions about warranty? We are trained on the process and can quickly answer any questions you might have when dealing with equipment warranty.
  • COMPLIANCE: Important documents will need to be collected during the years to make sure all contractors are compliant with our program and any changes that come along. The Operations Coordinator will reach out and provide reminders when it is time to send in any renewed documents.
  • POINT OF CONTACT:  The Operations Coordinator will be one of your main points of contact during most jobs done through GHL. We are readily available and will provide quick answers and/or approvals, so customers continue to be satisfied with our program and service.

With all of our great tools and assets that we provide you and still at NO EXTRA COST to sign up, you will be happy with taking the time to invest in becoming a Contracted Partner at GHL. You can check us out for further details on our website HERE.

We are looking forward to starting to build a partnership with you TODAY! If you are interested, please give us a call at 1-855-754-0530 or email us at contractors@grandhvacleasing.com.