The GHL Builder Program can Help you with your Project

Are you a Home Builder looking for HVAC Equipment? Have you thought about a rental program to make the most out of your capital? Rental programs are intuitive, low maintenance, and worry-free. Wait! There’s more…

The Grand HVAC Leasing Builder Program sets your homes or buildings up with the high-quality equipment they need to function! Renting is cost-effective, taxable, and can still qualify for cash incentives and rebates*!

Why would I rent my HVAC?

You’ve likely heard of Hot Water Tank renting, right? Renting HVAC is no different and comes with all the same benefits! Our Builder Program delivers your equipment for no upfront capital and includes worry-free™ protection throughout the term, including:

  • Full coverage on service parts and labor, plus
  • Regular scheduled maintenance
  • Fully transferrable agreements
  • Breakdowns or repair coverage
  • Rent-to-Own options

What equipment can you rent with GHL?

To qualify for the builder program, all you need is:

  • To be building a commercial or residential building
  • To be a registered builder in the municipality you operate
  • To use qualified licensed installation contractors to install the equipment and have them meet GHL’s onboarding requirements

With our program, we accept all brands of HVAC equipment for leasing, and we provide a dedicated account manager who will give you a virtual needs assessment and consultation. Given we also service residential customers, we can continue to serve the residents of your project, even post-completion.

Looking to learn more? Contact us today at builder@grandhvacleasing.com to begin!