3 Tips to Overcome HVAC Obstacles for Multi-Family Housing Providers

By Kevin Coll – GHL Multi-Family Specialist

Every property is different and each must navigate a variety of issues they face in unique ways. From not-for-profit housing, to co-operative housing and municipal housing – Grand HVAC Leasing (GHL) has experience with multi-family residences of all shapes and sizes across North America. Although there is a wide range of obstacles that all properties must overcome, we have been able to identify several common issues that encumber properties and their management companies. In this article, we have listed three of the most prevalent complications we see when dealing with a property’s HVAC equipment, and some tips on how you can overcome.

#1: Obsolete and inefficient equipment

The Problem

All HVAC equipment has an optimal lifespan. When equipment starts to reach (or exceed) this window there are a multitude of complications that can arise quickly. These can include steadily growing utility bills, more recurring mechanical issues and the increasing possibility of total equipment failure. It is important to ensure that the equipment installed at your property is regularly maintained, inspected and replaced when necessary.

GHL’s Solution

Our multi-family residential HVAC program is designed to provide you with peace of mind in the short and long term. Our program allows you to proactively upgrade your equipment prior to failure without any crippling upfront capital costs. This reduces headaches for aging equipment that continues to break down. Our program includes regular maintenance, and 100% worry-free service coverage. Plus, our leases have flexible end of term options, giving you the opportunity to upgrade again at the end of the term, keeping your equipment in efficient and effective working order.

#2: High cost maintenance calls and contracts

The Problem

Many properties are signed to a service contract with a maintenance provider or have a technician on-call for any issues that arise. For properties both large and small, these service contracts and calls can prove to be quite expensive over time and can be restrictive and difficult to get out of (especially as equipment ages). In addition, spending on service calls can fluctuate over time – going up and down depending on seasons or unpredictable factors.

GHL’s Solution

GHL’s program for multi-family spaces offers full coverage for all service calls included in your monthly rate. This allows you to forecast your budget and reduce costly unexpected repairs and down times. Our full coverage solution also adds value to your tenants, providing one service phone number and no concern over repair costs.

#3: Billing & End of Term Issues

The Problem

We frequently hear about complications with billing from our customers.

These can be:

  • issues related to tenants moving in and out of units
  • rate increase
  • hidden fees
  • a never-ending term with no upgrades
GHL’s Solution

At Grand HVAC Leasing our focus is on providing you with a program that best suits your needs and your budget. We offer a range of payment options and an easy to use system for transfer of payment when new tenants enter a unit. Alongside these advantages, we offer flexible end of term options for our customers which include the option to own the equipment at the end of the term, upgrade to new equipment, or continue with a protection plan.

Is there any promotion available?

Yes! We know that this pandemic has affected businesses and individuals dramatically, and we want to help.

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