All you need to know about Tankless Water Heaters

By Katie Clarke – Marketing Associate

Invented in 1970, Tankless Water Heaters deliver endless on-demand hot water. With both gas and electric models available to suit your home or business, Tankless Water Heaters are an option for all types of consumers. Tankless Water Heaters function by instantly heating water as it passes by a heated element, which is triggered the minute your hot water tap is turned on. This is in contrast to tank-type hot water heaters that hold a large drum of water, heating the entire drum to provide hot water for your home or business.

Sizing is rated by the maximum temperature rise at that given flow rate. Keep in mind, if you choose a size that’s too small, you risk overloading your Tankless Water Heater.

If you are looking for assistance in finding the right size for you, contact us today!

Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

Tankless Water Heaters have multiple benefits, and we’ve compiled a shortlist highlighting the most important!


Tankless Water Heaters are much smaller than the alternate Tank-Type Water Heater, taking up less space in your home because they heat your water without a large storage tank.


Tankless Water Heaters only heat water on an as-needed basis, making them 40% MORE energy efficient! For these same reasons, they reduce any water waste as well.

Longer lifespan

Tankless Water Heaters last almost twice as long as its competitor; this means up to 20 years if properly maintained.

ENDLESS Hot water

You’ll have worry-free hot showers forever.

Rinnai: North America’s #1 Tankless Water Heater

Grand HVAC Leasing is happy to share that we have partnered with Rinnai so that you can enjoy endless hot water in your home or business! Rinnai was founded in 1920, and has 100 years of experience serving residential homes and businesses as the leading provider of Tankless Water Heaters! With state-of-the-art product development and testing of every unit, Rinnai ensures you’ll have your worry-free hot water every time. They offer multiple models to suit your needs, including High Efficiency (HE), Super High Efficiency (SE), Hybrid models and more.

For commercial needs, Rinnai’s NEW Hybrid Demand Duo 2 is now available! Utilizing the best qualities of both Tank and Tankless Water Heaters, the Demand Duo 2 can provide endless hot water in sizes of 100 and 119 gallons. Learn more here.

Rent your Water Heater

With Grand HVAC Leasing, you don’t need to worry about any upfront costs! Renting your Rinnai Tankless Water Heater has never been so easy. With your all-inclusive LOW monthly rate, you receive:

    • 100% parts and labor coverage
    • NO upfront costs or hidden fees
    • Scheduled regular maintenance
    • 24/7 service from local contractors
    • Cash incentives and/or energy rebates*
    • No lifelong commitments

*Rebates where applicable

With Grand HVAC Leasing, you’ll no longer have to sacrifice quality for cost, get the quality of the product you deserve!

Call us at 1-855-754-0530 or email us at info@grandhvacleasing.com today to learn more about our rental options and get your no-obligation quote on your NEW Rinnai Tankless Water Heater!


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