The History of Grand HVAC Leasing

The History of Grand HVAC Leasing

By Rick Courtemanche, Operations Director

Today I wanted to speak about the history of Grand HVAC Leasing.

In the past, I owned a Mechanical Company and was looking for ways to increase business and retain customers long term. In this pursuit, I teamed up with Bill Lane.

We’re a business for contractors, by contractors

After doing a short survey with existing customers, Bill led us to conversations about leasing the equipment we install. As we were already providing protection plans, we thought that rolling the upfront costs into the monthly cost would be an attractive offer. We received a very positive response which prompted Bill and I to start a commercial leasing business. This company would include all upfront costs, service, and maintenance within the lease payment, therefore, providing our customers a worry-free option for their HVAC and water heater needs.

It was something no one else in the industry was doing

With this leasing program, we would no longer have to wait for equipment to fail as we were able to proactively provide our customers with the option of upgrading to new, energy-efficient equipment. The element of service and maintenance being included meant that we could provide them with significant annual savings on their energy bills as well as their annual maintenance budget.

The beginning

Since being founded, Grand HVAC Leasing has grown to offer leasing options in the United States since 2017, with our first physical location in the US being opened and staffed in Washington in 2020.

The three of us remain committed to the growth of Grand HVAC Leasing both in Canada and the United States. Someone once asked us how three guys in a small business in a small town in Canada were able to establish a successful Commercial HVAC Leasing business. This while a lot of other companies (including large corporations) had tried and failed.

The answer? I think it starts with our relationships with our customers and contracted partners and providing value to both parties.

Jordan, Bill and Rick
Jordan, Bill and Rick