GHL Contracted Partner Program

By Steven Jaksic, Account Manager

Grand HVAC Leasing (GHL) is an industry leader in delivering all-inclusive bundled lease and service solutions to both residential and commercial customers across North America. We offer solutions for HVAC, energy and water heating equipment to many different markets such as Residential, Commercial, Multi-Family Housing and Builders. We also work with HVAC and Mechanical Contractors and Utility companies.

As an Account Executive for the past 2 years with GHL, I have been fortunate to connect with Executive Directors, Managers and HVAC Business Owners by providing solutions for heating, cooling, and water heating needs for both their tenants and customers. Today I will discuss our Contractor segment and highlight how partnering with GHL can help grow contracting businesses.

Advantages of Being a Partner

There are several advantages that our program provides contractors. It gives them the ability to offer their customer an alternative option to purchasing, in turn increasing the chances of getting a sale, and it guarantees them all the maintenance and service revenue, helping them create lifelong relationships with their customers.


Alternative Payment Options

Our program allows contractors to give their customers options, and we know that when you are giving customers options you are essentially giving them a choice rather than just asking for a purchase. This also helps differentiate the contractor from their competition. By offering a lease option, the contractor’s chances of securing the deal increase. Maybe the customer is tight on capital and the lease option can help them move forward instead of waiting, or maybe the customer would rather use their capital on a higher ROI project and the lease allows them to move forward with their HVAC project. Our solution gives the customer the opportunity to allocate their capital where it will be most beneficial to them, while getting the equipment they need. And when the contractor can provide their customers with that opportunity it is a win for all involved.

Inclusive Maintenance and Service

The next point I will touch on is maintenance and service. By using our program, the contractor is guaranteed all the annual maintenance revenue and any additional service parts and labor revenue on top of that. Think about how much extra revenue annually that could that represent, having guaranteed annual maintenance included in every sale? Our program allows contractors to offer their customer an all-inclusive, worry-free lease with full coverage on service and maintenance versus having to upsell a maintenance package on top of the purchase and hoping the customer will call their company when there is a service issue. It also gives the end customer peace-of-mind as all of the service is also fully included, showing that the contractor cares about their clients. By including the maintenance, the contractor will now have an established maintenance portfolio. The contractor can choose when to do the maintenance, allowing them to fill in the slower times and keep that revenue coming in!

Life-Long Relationships

One of the largest benefits to the program is that it can help create lifelong relationships with customers. Grand HVAC Leasing is a relationship-based company, and we pride ourselves on creating strong bonds with our contractors and customers. Our program enables contractors to do the same with their customers! By using our program, the contractor will essentially have at least one interaction with their customers every year for annual maintenance. This will provide the opportunity to re-connect with their customer, and maybe they notice another piece of equipment that needs upgrading too. The fact that they are keeping in contact with the customer regularly will greatly increase their chances of securing additional business from that customer in the future. Finally, by using our program, the contractor will now have a lease portfolio, which will give them the opportunity to touch base with their customers near the end of the term and start the cycle all over again!

With all these advantages, contractors should consider working with GHL and offering their clients a lease option. It costs nothing to use our program and there are only more customers, more revenue, and more long-lasting relationships to gain! Reach out to GHL today and connect with your local rep.