Replace your A/C and Furnace Together – Here’s why!

By Michael Birkett, Account Representative, London, ON and Area

Having a comfortable living environment in your business or home 12 months of the year depends on whether your HVAC systems are working properly. Keeping your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter is what our AC units and furnaces do for us. But did you know that it’s advisable to replace them together? Let me tell you why.

Many times, when consumers think it’s time to replace a heating or cooling system, they only consider replacing the unit that isn’t working properly. What most of us do not consider at this time is the money and energy that can be saved in the long run by replacing both heating and cooling systems together.

Why you should replace the AC and Furnace at the same time?

Your first reason to do this is that it is more energy-efficient. The units being installed today have a much higher efficiency rating than older ones with far less energy consumption.

By replacing your units at the same time your HVAC systems will both be running at maximum efficiency. If you replaced your furnace but still have your old air conditioning system, the overall performance of your HVAC equipment will not be seen at its full potential.

The last reason to upgrade your furnace and AC at the same time is that it’s the most cost-efficient method. Sometimes common parts must be replaced two times and if the AC and furnace are not replaced at the same time, you’ll pay twice the material and labour for the same work. If your AC and furnace units are located in hard-to-access areas of your house/workspace it makes more sense to replace both at the same time as the labour for these types of installations is typically more than standard.

Is it time for my system to be replaced?

Below are some indicators that suggest it might be time to replace your unit!

  1. The age. Furnaces last on average 15-20 years. The average air conditioning system will last 12-15 years. Both units lose efficiency as they age.
  2. Your energy bills. If they are higher than normal it is a sign your system is working inefficiently, using too much energy, and should be replaced by a higher efficiency unit.
  3. The temperature. If it feels like the temperature inside the building is fluctuating, this is another indicator the system needs changing.
  4. Repairs. If your heating and/or cooling unit starts needing repairs more often, or you hear strange sounds coming from it, it’s yet another sign it is time to replace.

Selecting the right size equipment for your home/workspace is not as easy as it looks.

Installing the wrong size of equipment will result in inefficient cooling, more wear and tear on the units, and higher utility bills. Grand HVAC Leasing is here to help you find the proper solution for your living/working space. We complete a full calculation of the building’s square footage, insulation, orientation, and layout so we can determine exactly how much heating or cooling is needed.

If you’d like to talk to a representative about leasing your new heating and cooling systems, contact Michael Birkett at mbirkett@grandhvacleasing.com.