How GHL Brings Flexibility to HVAC Upgrades

By Amanda Dimitry, Inside Sales Coordinator

We have all been there, middle of the night and realizing our AC has just broken down – or maybe we’re in an old house and realize that our furnace, AC, and water tank are coming to the end of their lifespan. HVAC upgrades can get expensive and it’s not the most exciting purchase that I can personally think of (feel free to prove me wrong on this).

Next, you call a local contractor only to realize you have a choice to make (and an expensive choice at that). You have the budget, but only for one option: upgrade your heating and cooling or go on that family vacation that you have been talking about for months! Now that’s a hard choice, what would you spend your money on?

With Grand HVAC Leasing – you don’t need to make the choice between what you want and what you need – you can have both!

By offering a fully inclusive bundled lease solution for HVAC equipment, Grand HVAC Leasing brings choices back to the customers looking for HVAC upgrades. Grand HVAC Leasing believes that everyone should have access to safe and affordable HVAC equipment – and because of this, they have provided a solution to the community.

GHL leases include no upfront capital outlay, 100% service and maintenance coverage, and an all-in-one low monthly payment!

With low monthly payment solutions, you have the option to move forward with spending your money on things that can bring more value to your life while still finding the budget to upgrade your HVAC equipment!

No Upfront Capital Required

No upfront capital outlay gives you the freedom and flexibility to make the best decision for your home and family – not just the cheapest decision. Instead of being worried about upfront costs and always opting for the cheapest model of equipment, you can speak with your local contractor and decide together which HVAC equipment is the right fit for your home and family. When choosing the right-fit model of equipment, you will often find additional savings on your monthly utility bills. By offering a solution with no upfront capital outlay, you don’t need to make hard decisions between what you want and need. You can now make the best decision based on the right equipment for you, while also seeing monthly savings on your utility bills.

Service and Maintenance Coverage

Our service and maintenance coverage will ensure that you and your family don’t have to worry about costly breakdowns or being stuck in the heat with no AC! With your monthly payment, you get 100% service parts and labor protection on your equipment (which means that when it breaks down, we fix it at no cost to you). What’s more, is that we offer 24/7 emergency service to ensure that your home is comfortable, no matter the date or time.

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