Air Conditioning Rentals: Stay cool

Air Conditioning is essential for those who reside in permanent or seasonal hot and humid climates. 

For those with an existing Air Conditioner (A/C), the lifespan of an A/C unit is approximately 10 years for peak efficiency. However, once this period is exceeded, you may notice:

  • Higher than usual energy bills
  • No cool air, or limited air flow
  • Unusual noises coming from the unit
  • Bad odors coming from the unit

If you begin to notice any of these indicators, it may be time to replace or upgrade your Air Conditioning equipment.

Maintenance Requirements

Whether you have a central air, ductless, window, portable or hybrid air conditioning unit, annual maintenance is recommended by the manufacturer once per year.

Maintenance can become costly, especially as equipment ages and repairs are needed. Not only that but failing to complete your annual maintenance can often void your (limited) warranty.

But did you know that by renting with us, you won’t ever have to worry about your maintenance or repairs again? No more costs for you!


With our air conditioning rental options, you can buy, upgrade or replace your A/C unit without paying any upfront costs.

Grand HVAC Leasing™ also offers:

  • All-inclusive service and maintenance coverage
  • 100% parts and labor costs covered (no more ‘limited’ warranty!)
  • Low monthly payments
  • NO hidden fees
  • Rent-to-Own flexibility

Feel the peace of mind™ knowing your A/C will run efficiently even on the hottest of days.

Contact us below, call us at 1-855-754-0530 or email us at info@grandhvacleasing.com to learn more about the best Air Conditioning options for you.