Why leasing makes great financial sense?

Grand HVAC Leasing™ (GHL) gives housing providers an unconventional financial solution to suit their HVAC needs.

To start, you’ll work with our Authorized Contracted Partners to decide which equipment fits your needs and budget.

Then our Authorized Contracted Partners will install your equipment and bundle it with full-service solutions.
In other words, you can now free up your investment capital to improve your property! Stop investing time and money in products and services that are not integral components of your business success.

In simple terms… Stop buying depreciating assets!™

Upgrade to energy efficient equipment with no capital outlay.

Leasing eliminates unpredictable HVAC capital and operating cost surprises. The low monthly lease premium provides many benefits, including:

  • Cash incentives and/or energy rebates
  • No capital outlay required for equipment
  • All-inclusive installation costs
  • No extended warranty costs and annual maintenance contracts
  • 100% service parts and labor coverage
  • No contractor selection process
Choosing the right financing for your business needs involves more than simple dollar comparisons. Equipment leasing is often overlooked because of misunderstanding what it is and how it works.

Equipment lease financing has significant advantages over other financing sources.

Up-Front Cost$$$$$0
Monthly Cost$$$$
NO Upfront Capital
Efficiency Upgrade$
Brand/Style Upgrade
No Upfront Tax$
End of Term Options
Regular Safety & Integration Checks
100% Coverage, hassle-free warranty
Never pay for a service call again
Dedicated Contractor Team