Water Heater Rentals: Worry-Free Hot Water


A Water Heater is essential in your day to day life and finding the right one for your needs is important.

To make your decision easier, we’ve outlined 5 main types below alongside a couple of pros, cons and specifications.

Con(s) Average Lifetime
Tank Type
  • Low upfront costs
  • Low maintenance and repair costs
  • If conventional type, continued supply of hot water even during power interruptions
  • Available in gas or electric models
  • Tank capacity determines how much hot water is available
  • If power vented type, requires power to operate
12 years
  • Up to 40% more energy efficient
  • Endless hot water
  • Space efficient
  • Initial investment is higher yet offset by increased efficiency
12 years
Electric (hybrid)
  • Up to 60% more energy efficient than standard electric tanks
  • Cost efficient in the long run
  • Large, up to 8Ft of clearance required
  • Initial investment is higher yet offset by increased efficiency
12 years


With our Water Heater rental options, you can make a worry-free™ decision without the concern of paying any upfront costs and rent the Water Heater that fits your needs and your budget.

Grand HVAC Leasing™ offers:

  • All-inclusive service and maintenance coverage
  • 100% parts and labor costs covered (no more ‘limited’ warranty!)
  • Low monthly payments
  • NO hidden fees
  • Rent-to-Own flexibility

Feel the peace of mind™ knowing your energy efficient Water Heater will help you save on your energy bills.

Contact us below, call us at 1-855-754-0530 or email us at info@grandhvacleasing.com to learn more about the best Water Heater options for you.